On this page you will find music that is either entered into a contest or has something special planned.


Healing of the Midnight Forest

A Minecraft buddy was ran over by a drunk driver, but survived and is recovering in the hospital. Made this for him.

Healing of the Midnight Forest.mp3 Healing of the Midnight Forest.mp3
Size : 2880.68 Kb
Type : mp3


Something random. Will be removed sooner or later.

Itasca Wing.mp3 Itasca Wing.mp3
Size : 5081.699 Kb
Type : mp3
Serendipitous Severance.mp3 Serendipitous Severance.mp3
Size : 5743.435 Kb
Type : mp3

Arctic Nightfall.mp3

Midnight Timber.mp3 Midnight Timber.mp3
Size : 4372.211 Kb
Type : mp3
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