Arctica Genome (100)

Very similar to Mother Arctica and Arctica Transfiguration, yet it diverges on its own accord. This might be the last time I mess with Mother Arctica, but who can be so sure?

I tried making nice transitions and smooth melodies in places, but it still doesn't help the fact this has "bouncing elements" to gawk at.

Arctica Genome.mp3 Arctica Genome.mp3
Size : 5.527 Kb
Type : mp3


Serendipitous Seere (99)

Somebody was quite nice to me on a certain site, so I made her a song. Really and truly, this one my favorite things I've composed so far.

My counselor said this song has some kind of oriental feel to it, then all the techno elements make him imagine a high tech Asian city. I don't know, but sounds it reasonable.

Serendipitous Seere.mp3 Serendipitous Seere.mp3
Size : 5.637 Kb
Type : mp3


Armada (98)

I was interested in making a mostly atmospheric-ish song. I guess I was in that mood for most of the song, but it got too boring for me so I inserted some techno stuff near the end.

Armada.mp3 Armada.mp3
Size : 2.801 Kb
Type : mp3


Poetic Ethic (97)

Just playing around with the piano. Stuck in some chords to see how it sounded. Hmph.

Poetic Ethic.mp3 Poetic Ethic.mp3
Size : 2.012 Kb
Type : mp3


America the Beautiful (96)

My music appreciation professor was helping me learn note placement, so he started me off on this song. I then continued on with some of my own stuff.

America the Beautiful.mp3 America the Beautiful.mp3
Size : 1.665 Kb
Type : mp3


DKR Spaceport Alpha Remix (95)

Do you guys remember Diddy Kong Racing? I haven't played it for probably, oh I don't know, 7 years. Recently, I've been watching my brother play it as a ROM on his computer, then he entered the Spaceport Alpha race. I finally remembered, it was my absolute favorite song from the game (then Star City then something else).

I needed to remix it, so here it is. I tried doing some of my own stuff as to not make it seem as if I copied each note verbatim, but it'll probably seem that way.

Spaceport Alpha Remix.mp3 Spaceport Alpha Remix.mp3
Size : 2.801 Kb
Type : mp3


{-Afterburn Remix!-} (94)

Are your glowsticks still good? Get ready for another round!

{-Afterburn Remix!-}.mp3 {-Afterburn Remix!-}.mp3
Size : 2.347 Kb
Type : mp3


{-Afterburn!-} (93)

Fetch the glowsticks and grab a friend! Dance till the strobelights knock you out! I'm starting to tame the techno.

{-Afterburn!-}.mp3 {-Afterburn!-}.mp3
Size : 1.607 Kb
Type : mp3


-{Lift Off!-} (92)

Get aboard! The shuttle is about to lift off! I'm finally starting to grab life by the techno.

{-Lift Off!-}.mp3 {-Lift Off!-}.mp3
Size : 1.477 Kb
Type : mp3


Arctic Breath (91)

Walk the howling Arctic landscape! I don't know how this song came about, but I showed this to my councilor and he somehow magically picked it apart to match what my life seems to be like. As in, he could tell from some parts that I am happily going along my business, then something immediately stops it. The choir is my sorrow.

The flute was very new to me, so I needed to use it.

Arctic Breath.mp3 Arctic Breath.mp3
Size : 2.604 Kb
Type : mp3


Arctic Jewel (90)

I barely remembered today was my birthday (March 21st), so I quick slapped together a song to celebrate.

Arctic Jewel.mp3 Arctic Jewel.mp3
Size : 2.196 Kb
Type : mp3


Soaring Strato (89)

Longest song I ever composed (8 minutes and 33 seconds!). This was created on and off for a month with my music appreciation teacher's input and advice. I've learned many things, such as form and keys. He asked me to compile a list addressing the different parts of my song. This is what I came up with that he approved:

Intro: 0:00-0:34

Buildup: 0:34-0:44

Main Theme (v1): 0:44-1:12

Main Theme (v1.1): 1:12-1:32

Theme 1: 1:32-1:59

Intermission 1: 1:59-2:13

Theme 2: 2:13-2:44

Theme 2 overlapping main theme (v2): 2:44-3:00

Main Theme: (v2): 3:00-3:27 *Second favorite

Main Theme (v2.1): 3:27-3:54

Intermission 2: 3:54-4:15

Main Theme (v3): 4:15-4:43

Main Theme (v3.1): 4:43-5:10

Main Theme (v3.1) Slowdown 5:10-5:37

Intermission 3: 5:37-5:50

Intermission 3 with more instruments: 5:50-6:04

Main Theme (v3.2): 6:04-6:35

Intermission 4: 6:35-6:43

Main Theme (v3.3) 6:43-6:57

Main Theme 4: 6:57-7:24 *Favorite

Main Theme 5: 7:24-7:51

Main Theme 5 Slowdown: 7:51-8:14

Closing: 8:14-8:33

He loved this song so much that he wants to play it as an example of modern music for his next semester class.

Soaring Strato.mp3 Soaring Strato.mp3
Size : 9.78 Kb
Type : mp3


Arctic Night (88)

This was a very impromptu song. The main reason I composed this was because my video "Iridium Tower" didn't have music in it. Even if it was sort of rushed, I like the peaceful night feeling.

Arctic Night.mp3 Arctic Night.mp3
Size : 1.869 Kb
Type : mp3


Straits of Izan (87)

Sometime during college class, I began daydreaming of a very cold, icy, snowy place. It was like the Strait of Gibraltar, but without the sun and the sea was covered with ice. Up on the little piece of land was a blue plasma lighthouse. Blue lights and ice mix well.

Hush yourself, I don't know anything about pianos. I just cram notes in there an hope for the best.

Straits of Izan.mp3 Straits of Izan.mp3
Size : 1.656 Kb
Type : mp3


Capital Winter (86)

So I was messing around in Nexus when I got wind of what a chord really was (I never really know what it was until my music appreciation teacher told me). I wanted to jingle with that.

Capital Winter.mp3 Capital Winter.mp3
Size : 0.939 Kb
Type : mp3


Iridium Storm (85)

I'm on the top floor in my college, 4 stories up, and seated next to a huge window. I look out across our campus and see it encompassed in a thick fog. So I whip out my laptop and get to work on this song.

The next day it was rain, which inspired the other half.

Pretty much totally done with Nexus.

Iridium Storm.mp3 Iridium Storm.mp3
Size : 3.515 Kb
Type : mp3


Arctica Transfiguration (84)

I have just received the Nexus plugin was taken aback by the colossal amount of features. I decided to remix Mother Arctica (82) with the Nexus elements. I doesn't sound too polished because I was too ecstatic.

Arctica Transfiguration.mp3 Arctica Transfiguration.mp3
Size : 3.97 Kb
Type : mp3


High Seas (83)

Put on an eager demeanor and fire up that imagination vessel. You are in the perfect storm!

High Seas.mp3 High Seas.mp3
Size : 3.982 Kb
Type : mp3


Mother Arctica (82)

For several weeks, I couldn't really think up anymore songs. When I tried, it sounded like crap, then I would stop working on it. But then I was on a sugar high at midnight and listened to a few of my old songs and some from Newgrounds. I was then struck with the 'get out there and get it done' attitude. And thus this song came to existence. I used several 8-bit sounding instruments because I was feeling quite obtuse.

I admit the beginning is sort of bland, but listen to the whole thing before you express your final judgment.

Mother Arctica.mp3 Mother Arctica.mp3
Size : 5.806 Kb
Type : mp3


Northern Alliance (81)

I haven't much to say, as usual. I was bored.

Northern Alliance.mp3 Northern Alliance.mp3
Size : 3.34 Kb
Type : mp3
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